Who We Are and What We Do

Happy New Year!

Like many others, we’ve spent the holidays resting, resetting and reminding ourselves of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, so we can move forward into the new year with a clear vision. So, for our old and new followers, here is a breakdown of what we do at Maidenscott Properties and our aims moving forward!


We are a Sunderland-based family-run property company specialising in the rent-to-rent model. We lease properties from landlords, and also help landlords turn their properties around to provide great accommodation and create a profitable business.


When we lease properties, we do so at a fixed monthly rent, taking over all bills and internal maintenance. Meanwhile, our tried-and-tested system for making over houses gets other landlords’ properties looking beautiful, before we arrange local HMO letting agents to get tenants and fully manage the properties.


We believe passionately in an improved Sunderland, in serving this city and its people. Sunderland is a place we love, with a rich history, and we want to support it by helping people move here, improve the standard of living and form genuine relationships with the people we help. We also want to support local businesses too through promotion of Sunderland’s cafés, restaurants, theatres and arts centres on our social media platforms, and plan to work with them more closely in future.

Finally, attention to detail is crucial to us – we care passionately about our tenants’ experience and believe that only the highest living standards are acceptable.

The year ahead

Last year was a huge success as we expanded our number of properties, took on new team members, and reached 100% occupancy in our rooms. This year we intend to focus on improving what we already do and ensure that our standards are as high as they can be.

We intend to take on new rent-to-rent properties in Sunderland and continue to improve the service we offer to the investors we work with. Although we do plan on expanding our number of properties, we don’t want this to come at the cost of the quality of our services, which we are determined to keep high. Quality trumps quantity for us every time and it’s important to us that we prioritise people over profits.

All in all, we’re excited about moving into the New Year, and can’t wait to see how far we’ll have come by the time we reach 2023!

If you’re interested in investing in Sunderland or finding a new home here, please give us a call on 0191 5460 071 or email us at

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