What Excellence Means to Us

Our company slogan at Maidenscott Properties is “Excellent Homes for Excellent People”, and here we strive for excellence in what we do every day. But what do we mean by that? Here’s our definition of excellence, and how we apply it to our day-to-day work.

Excellent HMOs

We believe that an excellent HMO (house of multiple occupancy) is one where tenants can feel safe and able to express themselves, and which is part of good neighbourhoods in safe and prospering cities. In our Sunderland HMOs, we house tenants in beautiful rooms decorated in a consistent house style, with unique qualities specific to each room; and we regularly examine and see to these rooms, paying great attention to detail and holding them to high standards. In doing so, we aim to help create a positive and secure environment in which students and professionals alike can thrive!

Excellent landlords

We believe that an excellent landlord is courteous and passionate, and genuinely cares about their tenants and understands the rights and responsibilities of both parties. They understand their personal responsibility to create and maintain a comfortable and safe home for their tenants, prioritise high communication, and make themselves accessible and available to support their tenants and have a cup of tea and a chat every now and then! All of this is important to us and we see it as an essential part of our daily work with clients.

Excellent companies

So what does excellence mean for an entire company? In our case, excellence means forging genuine connections with our tenants. It means making the city of Sunderland a better place by building community and supporting local businesses, while recognising that we are relative newcomers to it. It means laying down foundations for success and building upon them. And it means holding our properties and ourselves to the highest standards and being truly passionate about everything we do. We love our work, and we hope to build upon what we do year by year.

Excellence isn’t a prize awarded and then stored on the shelf – it’s an active process that takes time and attention. As part of our work, we want to constantly keep our standards high, seek quality over quantity, and do what we do as well as we can.

If you’re looking to find a new home here in Sunderland, or have property here that you’d be interested in leasing, please give us a call on 07717 784624 or email us at

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