How to Make the Most of Your Time in an HMO

Living in a house of multiple occupancy (HMO) is increasingly common among students and young professionals. So how do you get the most out of a set-up that involves sharing a new space with new people? Here are our tips for thriving in your flat-share!

Get to know your housemates

A large part of the HMO experience is shaped by your relationship with the people you live with. As with any relationship, this might take very different forms – some people are close with their flatmates, while others live independent lives and barely interact. So it’s a good idea to communicate with each other about what you want to get out of this shared life so you don’t infringe on each other’s boundaries. You and your housemates might all prefer your own company, or maybe you’ll all enjoy flat dinners and movie nights! Plus, a conversation about how to divide the cleaning is always best had sooner rather than later!

Get to know your landlord

Equally important while you’re living in an HMO is your relationship with your landlord, something we’ve talked about before. Even if they’ll probably never be your best friend, your landlord can be a positive presence in your life if you approach them with honesty, clarity and respect. You can never have too many people on your side!

Get to know your neighbourhood

Worth doing as soon as possible is making a sweep of your new flat’s surroundings. Where is the nearest convenience store, supermarket, green space and takeaway shop? What about bus stops and metro stations? Even if you’re only planning to be there for a short period of time, it pays to think through when you’ll need different shops and facilities in your immediate neighbourhood – from there you can explore the wider city beyond!

Get to know yourself

The best thing you can do in a new situation is always to know yourself well, and know what the right thing is for you. What measures can you put in place to make you happiest at home? Do you want to form friendships with your flatmates or are you content in your own company? Would noise-cancelling headphones help you feel more comfortable in your room? Finally, get to know your contract so you understand exactly what you’re able to do in your new space – there is always room to personalise your space and decorate your flat in a way that makes you feel at home!

To conclude, your time in an HMO can be improved immeasurably by communication and a proactive attitude. Best of luck and enjoy your new home!

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