How We Make Our Rooms Excellent

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

At Maidenscott Properties, a large part of the day to day work involves transforming our new flats to make them more attractive and comfortable for clients. So what do we do to our rooms, and how does it make our tenants happier? Let’s go over some of the key changes we make when refurbishing a property, and how they improve the tenant experience.

Paint the walls

The first thing we do in a new property is see to the walls. An important part of our image is the use of different colours for different walls, to break up a space and make it feel fresh and unique. We use a reliable cream for the majority of the walls, and a bold grey, blue, yellow, green or red to bring the last one to life. The result is a striking space that feels fresh and well-cared for.

Stylish, comfortable furniture

Furniture makes a home: if you aren’t happy sitting at your own dinner table, relaxing on your own sofa and sleeping in your own bed, then what’s the point of them? We ensure that all of the furniture in our properties is up to date and makes the space safe and comfortable. We also ensure there’s nothing unnecessary, as too much furniture can make a space as uncomfortable as not enough. Plus, the more stylish, the better -- furniture should be beautiful as well as useful!

Light it up!

Lamps are an essential part of any home and can bring so much to a room. With overhead lighting, there are only really two options (on and off). However, with a few well-chosen lamps scattered around the place, tenants have much more choice about how bright to make their space. That’s why we provide all our bedrooms with at least one lamp, for ambience and cosiness.

Finishing touches

The textile designer William Morris famously said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” So while we make sure our flats have everything in them that our tenants need, we also accessorise them with things that are just nice to have around! Hearts hanging on the walls, pot-plants and baskets on chests of drawers, and a painting over the bed all help to make each room feel welcoming and somewhere our tenants can enjoy spending their time.

It often doesn’t take much to bring a room to life -- a splash of paint, some well-chosen prints for the walls and furniture that’s a pleasure to use. We believe that everyone deserves somewhere excellent to live, so we take care over every detail, from the colour of the walls to the angle of the cushions!

Visit our Tenants page to find out more and see some of our fantastic properties and rooms in Sunderland currently available to rent.

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