Why Sunderland is the City of the Future

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Maidenscott Properties is based in Sunderland, one of the nerve centres of the North East. The time has never been better to invest in and move to this exciting city, which has all its best days still ahead of it. So why is Sunderland the city of the future?

A glorious past

We’ll dive deeper into the city’s history in a future blog post, but suffice it to say that Sunderland has been at the heart of the North East for a long time. Ships have been built here since 1346, and during the Industrial Revolution it was the most important port city in England, building a quarter of all of Britain’s ships.

This industrial legacy is still with us in the form of Sunderland’s enormous bridges and docks. The last shipyard closed in 1988, but Sunderland is still a city of engineers -- Nissan opened its largest factory in Britain here in 1986, which now builds over 500,000 cars a year.

An exciting future

Beyond its new factories, the city is in the active process of regeneration in every area, exemplified by the City Council’s bold plan for the next ten years. The City Plan centres on Sunderland’s identity as “a dynamic, healthy and vibrant smart city”, with a series of goals it intends to meet by 2030 through focusing on the following areas:

  • increasing and improving jobs and housing

  • improving businesses and cultural opportunities in the city centre

  • increasing cultural events, programmes and activities to attract visitors

  • improving digital connectivity and reducing carbon emissions

  • and £2 billion worth of private and public investment to create new jobs.

Dynamic, healthy, vibrant

These commitments to improving city life are exciting, but even today, Sunderland has so much to offer those who choose to live there. Sunderland University educates over 20,000 students and has campuses in Hong Kong and London, as well as hosting the world-leading National Glass Centre, which celebrates the history of glass-making in the city. A well-connected city, it is linked to nearby Newcastle by the Tyne and Wear Metro, which has run for over thirty years. Finally, it was on the City of Culture shortlist for 2021 for its vibrant cultural scene, and was placed in the top ten safest cities in the UK by Compare the Market for its low crime rate and house prices and 0% chance of floods!

We are so proud to call Sunderland our home. It’s an honour to work here and know that what we do is improving the city for its residents. The best is yet to be where Sunderland is concerned, and there’s never been a better time to invest in this incredible city!

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Photo credit: Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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