How to Be an Excellent Tenant

We’ve spoken before about the importance of fostering a positive relationship with your landlord. And the best way to do that and to make the most of your time in an HMO is simply to be an excellent tenant! So what does the ideal tenant look like from a landlord’s perspective, and how can you be one?

Before you move in

A good first impression gets things off to a positive start, so arrive at all the meetings on time and be courteous and polite – there’s no reason to think you won’t have a rewarding relationship with your new landlord. They should treat you with respect from the word go, but it’s a two-way street.

Remember that many landlords will have dealt with difficult tenants before, so prove that you’re not one of them with references, intelligent questions, and all the correct paperwork! This all shows that you’re taking the move seriously and will be an excellent tenant. Finally, make sure you fully understand all the ins and outs of the contract, to ensure you’re (quite literally!) both on the same page.

While you’re there

An excellent tenant is a responsible one, as a certain level of maintenance in the property is always the tenant’s responsibility. For example, we ask our tenants to take care of various low-level jobs around the property, such as replacing light-bulbs, repressurising the boiler, regularly defrosting the freezer, using the extractor fans to remove condensation, and testing the smoke alarms. In return, the landlord handles the larger areas of maintenance such as any boiler problems or damp.

An HMO is a shared space, belonging to one person and regularly occupied by others, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep it clean and structurally sound. If you treat the place like your own, and communicate honestly and effectively with your landlord, they will respect and appreciate you. Finally, pay your rent on time in full every month!

Moving out

When it’s time to move out, clean the property well, pay any outstanding charges you might have, and ask your landlord for a reference. Hopefully you’ll get on well by this point, and a good reference will get your relationship with your next landlord off to a great start – they’ll see at once that you’re an excellent tenant!

Working in property involves working with people, and building relationships with them every day. We focus on being excellent landlords and are constantly striving to be better; and if both tenants and landlords work together to be the best they can, these relationships can be rewarding and happy ones. Everyone wins!

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