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Investing in property can be a fantastic experience when the time is right and you have the freedom to focus on and enjoy the process.  But wouldn't it would be great to be able to enjoy the benefits of investment without always having to have the time or expertise to put into being a landlord?

We offer a partnership with landlords who find themselves in this situation. We can provide the time, expertise and personal hands-on touch to ensure that your rental property is uplifted to a high standard, maintained at that standard and that tenants have someone on hand to ensure that their whole experience of renting is a great one.

Frequently asked questions


Do you take properties in all areas of the UK?

Currently Maidenscott Properties take properties across the North of England.


How quickly could you rent my property? 

Once properties are viewed we would hope to make an offer within 24 hours. The price and terms we agree at this stage will be the price we pay for the duration of the contract even if the property is vacant. From the moment we agree on the offer it will take around 5 working days to get the contracts finalised and ready for signing. The rental start date will then have been agreed and we will set up the standing order to you to pay the first month’s rent 6 weeks after property take over.


Does Maidenscott Properties furnish my property? 

Yes. We furnish all properties to the same high standard.  This includes bedroom and common area furniture packs.


Will Maidenscott Properties pay me a deposit?

No. We do not pay you a deposit. We refurbish properties when we take them on and they are finished to a very high standard. During the lease term we maintain this high standard and deal with all day to day issues. What this means is that we give you back your property at the end of our agreement in a better condition than we took it from you. 


How do I know my home won’t get damaged? 

All of our tenants are thoroughly vetted before signing a contract and we have the properties cleaned and checked weekly.  Any issues that arise and dealt with quickly and we do not allow smokers or pets. This ensures that properties are maintained to a high standard throughout the contract of the lease.

Will I have to deal with tenants and problems? 

No. We deal with everything in relation to the property being rented out including all tenant issues and emergency call outs.


What if a Maidenscott Properties tenant client doesn’t pay, will I still get my rent?

Yes.  Regardless of our tenant income, you will receive a guaranteed rent from us every month of the lease agreement.


Will I have to be involved at all once the agreement is signed? 

We ask landlords to take responsibility for the upkeep of the boiler and the structure of the property.  Aside from this we deal with every aspect of the agreement.

What if my circumstances change and I want the house back before the agreement ends? 

We understand that circumstances change. Although we aim to complete all of our agreements should you need to end it sooner than agreed we would ask that you give us a fair and reasonable time-frame to complete our residents AST agreements. If we have invested money into your home to upgrade it then there may be a percentage of that cost that you will have to refund back to us. This is all clearly explained in our lease agreement.

Landlord Testimonials

‘Kate is a very experienced property developer which gave me the confidence to hire her recently to manage the refurbishment of one of our properties. Kate is very easy to work with and as part of the process offered daily reports on the projects progress. Kate’s friendly, thoughtful and thoroughly professional approach to the task resulted in a great success. Thank-you Kate

(Sunderland-based Landlord)