The importance of focusing on the details

My tenants are loving the benefits of Virgin Media's superfast broadband. With speeds of up to 350Mb it has such a big impact on the enjoyment and comfort of tenants living in a shared house.

At Maidenscott Properties, we shape homes that enable our tenants to recharge and generate the energy to be the very best version of themselves when taking on the next day’s challenges.

This is at the forefront of our minds with every decision we make and this includes all the small everyday choices like paying extra for the fastest broadband supply.

I love the work that we do. I feel honoured to be involved in shaping people's lives at the most basic level. Each of us deserves the foundation of a great home and a supportive environment that inspires us to do great things with our lives.

And a great broadband service at a time when the internet is providing people's basic connection to society is fundamental to this.

Remember to focus on the small things, the details that add up to make the difference to you offering an excellent service to people that deserve it.

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