From solo to joint venture!

I am someone who has always enjoyed being a part of a team whether it be in sport or music bands or creative projects supporting others. However I've never been good at letting other people in to my own business ventures. The whole, 'if you want a job done well do it yourself' has always motivated me to do exactly that - do it myself.

However, as I progress with my business and meet more people and make more contacts I am realising that I will miss out on many great opportunities if I stick to this habit.

I have had the opportunity to start a joint venture project with an inspiring new contact this week. This couple have skills where I have weaknesses and vice versa and without realising it, we have both been considering approaching the other about working on some projects together.

So I'm diving into the deep end, pushing myself into my stretch zone and hopefully reaping the rewards of being brave and I can't wait to explore this new area.

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