Returns to rave about

We've had a really exciting week just gone with 2 offers accepted on properties to buy and 2 potential lease properties explored. We are generally focusing on refining our systems and implementing our marketing strategy to build a sustainable, long-term and quality business but we couldn't ignore the two great properties that came up for sale and when lease options come along, they also need to be explored.

I wanted to share with you the figures on one of our purchases to showcase the kind of investment opportunity that Sunderland currently has to offer. These figures are pretty bang on as we have an identical property 2 doors down and therefore have been achieving this for the last 3 years. They are also not unusual for Sunderland if you spend time getting to know the market and specific areas and take time to focus on keeping the quality of the property and the service up. We have produced a guide on how to create properties that reduce voids and increase profits and you can download this when you join our mailing list at the following link

So the figures are as follows based on a purchase price of £67,000:

As you can see, the yearly ROI reaches nearly 35% which, when you include voids and wear and tear cost, is a great return.

Currently Sunderland is not seeing any significant capital growth but there are all the indicators to suggest that it certainly will do over the next few years and for investors like ourselves that are in for the long-term and looking for a reliable pension and inheritance for our family, this is a really exciting time for investing in this part of the world!

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