New Year's Habits

I've only recently come around to the idea of New Year's resolutions. I used to see them as a list of things that people failed at rather than anything all that useful.

But over the last few years I have started to raise the bar of my expectations on myself and get aim for bigger and braver goals. So now I love that time of year where I get to review last year's goals and write new ones.

I recently read an article in which the author described his new strategy of setting New Year's 'habits' that would help him achieve his bigger goals. Whether this be 10 minutes of reading, writing 500 words or exercising for 10 minutes each day the idea if that over the course of the year they add up to achieve the bigger things that he wanted for himself. He followed the principle of ensuring that he never broke for more than 1 consecutive day at a time and this way, the unmotivated days didn't cause him to give up 3 weeks into January.

So this is my new strategy for this coming year. Focusing on achieving the small tasks most days and allowing the big goals to get met through the course of this. I like the way that this allows one to focus on and appreciate the small everyday things and not always be focused on the big showy achievements. I hope that this will help to focus on the now and appreciate the little gifts that each day brings me.

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