How We Care For Our Tenants’ Needs

At its heart, our business is about creating safe and secure homes for people in Sunderland -- that is what everything we do ultimately comes back to. Students and working young people have a lot on their plate already, what with student debt, finding their place in the adult world and maturing into the next stage of their lives. Anyone past their twenties can well remember what an exciting but challenging time this is in anyone’s lives, and how the security of a comfortable home environment can make a real difference to their well-being.

That’s why at Maidenscott Properties we’re determined to do our bit to make the living experience as enjoyable as possible, to support our tenants and give them a living space to rely on. Here are some of the ways we ensure that every one of our tenants feels as comfortable as possible in our rental properties!

Approachable landlords

We passionately believe that tenants deserve landlords who are easy to get hold of and who are always there for them -- we never want our tenants to feel alone with any issues they may have with their living situation, the flat itself or their well-being in general. We want a real relationship with our tenants, which is why we make the effort to be as accessible as possible and are always available for a site-check or just a coffee and a chat!

Clean and cosy flats

Another problem that tenants can face? Tired, dingy rooms with cracked paint, sagging furniture and a persistent patch of mould in one corner. We believe that no one should have to live like this when better options are available, and that “good enough isn’t good enough”. That’s why all of our rental homes have comfortable, up-to-date furniture and are decorated to the highest standard. Beyond aesthetics, we strive to make our properties as safe and secure as possible; our properties are cleaned fortnightly, and fire alarm systems and emergency lighting are checked every month.

Making your space yours

Finally, living with a bunch of exciting new people in an HMO means opportunities for friendships and social connections, but if you don’t get on with them or find you have very different lifestyles, then sharing a space can be difficult. We’ve all had that one flatmate who never gets round to doing the washing up or spends half the morning in the shower! So while all of our houses include a communal fully-fitted kitchen and area to eat and relax in, we also offer studio rooms with kitchenettes equipped with microwaves and fridges, giving you extra space to do your cooking in peace. And every single one of our bedrooms is en-suite, to allow you privacy and comfort, and showers as long as you want!

Our core belief is that everyone deserves a home they can come back to at the end of a long day and feel happy and comfortable in. Through making ourselves accessible every day, ensuring that our properties are clean and comfortable from the word go, and giving our tenants the privacy they need, we do everything in our power to make a tenancy at Maidenscott Properties as excellent as possible!

Visit our Tenants page to find out more and see some of our fantastic properties and rooms in Sunderland currently available to rent.

And if you’re interested in learning more about Maidenscott and how we can help you with your rental needs, please give us a call on 0191 5460 071 or email us at

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