Guaranteed Rent!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

We have rented this property from a landlord that we already lease 4 other properties from.

It is an 8-bed HMO with fully en-suite rooms and we have revamped it to market to higher-end professionals.

We have signed a straight forward 5 year commercial lease on the property with a guaranteed monthly rent to the landlord.


We have covered all refurbishment costs and cover all bills and maintenance going forward which leaves the landlord to receive a guaranteed monthly rent with no hassle from us or tenants.

This property currently has 7 out of 8 rooms filled and we are expecting to have the final room filled within the next two weeks.

Our tenants appreciate our personal hands-on approach with all problems dealt with quickly and efficiently to allow them a relaxed and enjoyable experience of living in the house

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