The power of Mentorship

I've had some time this week to review my yearly goals which I set in August each year for the following 12 months. Looking at my goals for this year I'm set to achieve them by the end of this month as things stand.

I am not some gold-coated superstar. Certainly no more than you are reading this article. I am a pretty ordinary, flawed person just like you. But the truth is maybe neither of us are ordinary. Maybe we have the potential to be extraordinary.

I joined a mentorship group in July in order to be kept accountable and to be pushed every week to stretch my comfort zone and step out further than I am comfortable to do. And these are the results.

Mark Lloyd and Justin Whittemore are my mentors and with their support and the support of the group I am apart of, I have quadrupled my results. If I continue doing what I've done for the last 3 months, there's no reason I can't achieve 4 years worth of goals in the remaining 12 months. That means I'm 4 times more capable than I realise!

It;s taken me 2 years to decide to take mentorship seriously. That's 8 years of results I've missed. But now I'm taking the whole thing seriously. I'm taking myself seriously. And I'm loving it!

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