Foundations for Success

I've started working with a new marketing agency this year - Chetaru ( My aim is to create a uniformed brand throughout to reflect our intention of building a highly professional and long-term, reliable business. So I've had several meetings with these guys and so far they've really impressed me. They have spent a lot of time listening, discovering what Maidenscott Properties does and stands for and I can tell that we are building a shared passion for the business; from my end a passion to do it and from their end a passion to share it.

Something that I have struggled with in the first year of company life is distilling down all of my ideas and plans and creating a time line of what to do and when based on time and budget. Many people talked to me about hiring a virtual assistant but one of my aims for Maidenscott Properties was to create local business to help support Sunderland's job opportunities so this didn't make sense to me. Another aim is to maintain high-standards and attention to details and to achieve this, I feel that it's important to match people's skill-sets to their role. And so began my journey of looking for local experts to support my brand and marketing.

I am still in the early days with this company but so far I love who they are and what they stand for. They listen, they understand the restriction of budget but they are passionate and skilled. They are helping me to balance these desires and restrictions but to prioritise quality from the foundations up.

We have begun with creating Brand guidelines and a Foundation for Success statement which I love! Reading it makes me more sure of why I'm doing what I'm doing and excited about succeeding. What a great start from a marketing company that you've only got to know over the last 6 weeks.

I will leave you with this statement and a suggestion for if you are struggling to find focus - try writing your own Foundations for Success piece. What are you doing, why are you doing it and what are working to achieve?


Foundations for Success

Maidenscott Properties provides stylish but affordable, comfortable environments to live in that help support people with ambitions.

The world is a complex, hard and - at times - unforgiving place. But beyond the harshness and complexity, it can be so fulfilling, beautiful, and full of bountiful promise.

Beauty and dreams don’t just occur because of sheer grit and determination. They happen because people that are inspired by the idea of a good life ahead are able to achieve the balance and composure it takes to ‘stay the course’. And having safe, re-energising homes to retreat to, plays a big part in helping them cultivate and maintain that positive state of mind and being.

At Maidenscott Properties, we shape homes that enable our tenants to recharge and generate the energy to be the very best version of themselves when taking on the next day’s challenges.

Each of us deserves the foundation of a great home and a supportive environment that inspires us to do great things with our lives. And that’s why Maidenscott Properties is so passionate about giving people the foundations for a successful tomorrow.

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