A complete package

As part of Maidenscott Properties services, we have the ability to source properties to a range of investors.  Whether this be an individual looking to purchase their first buy-to-let, or an experienced investor searching for a ‘hands-off investment,’ we are able to accommodate your investment needs.  


All of our properties are located across the North-East of England and provide a return on investment (ROI) of at least 15%!  Currently, our search comprises of standard single-let properties, which require little or no work, or HMO’s.  


We also work closely with local agents, who will not only be on hand to locate a long term tenant, but manage the property moving forward.  This results in an opportunity to invest somewhere that may not necessarily be in your initial investment area, but have the peace of mind that a reliable source will be looking after your property! 


Please see below, a few of our recently sourced properties for our clients.  This includes purchase prices, rental figures, and an overview of the necessary work if required.     


Having a good relationship with other estate agents can be key to sourcing properties before they reach the open market.  This then gives our investors an advantage when it comes to having the opportunity to secure an exclusive opportunity and generate an excellent return.  


3 Bedroom Single-Let - £72,000

Single let - 18% ROI